Analytics and Research

Passport of an industry, a sector, an economic segment

A passport is prepared on the basis of the results of IBI-Rating’s research of an industry or a segment of the economy, which includes an analysis of development of an industry, particuliarities of the legislative regulation, dynamics of exports, imports and domestic production, consumption and trade, as well as the competitive environment, risks and medium-term development prospects.

A passport of an industry is an in-demand document for financial institutions, which are already carrying out corporate and retail lending, and / or are planning to implement such lending in new segments of the economy, and which also enables a Customer of a service to get a full picture of the development and prospects of the chosen area.

Analysis of industry risks

Within the scope of a service, IBI-Rating makes an evaluation of industries in terms of their risks and development prospects. On the basis of the analysis findings , the Customer is presented with an analytical document, which allows to compare various industries by the level of risks and may be used by the Customer for decision-making on investing in one or the other industry with a certain level of risk, and also to assess the prospects of cooperation with the existing and potential companies in the sector.

Quality evaluation of bank loan portfolios

IBI-Rating’s evaluation of the loan portfolio is a systematic study and monitoring of the credit activities of a financial institution allowing to evaluate the composition and quality of loans in dynamics, as compared with the average bank indicators. The evaluation is made on the basis of the Methodology of loan portfolio quality developed by IBI-Rating taking into account the practical experience of banks, collection companies, as well as international experience, adapted to the peculiarities of the Ukrainian market.

Evaluation of the credit activity, produced on the results of the performed analysis is the basis for strategic decision-making in terms of the development prospects of a financial institution and will provide it with the benchmark of the terms and conditions of transactions relating to the sale of a problematic debt portfolio or transfer it to the agent care of a collection company.

Consulting services

IBI-Rating provides consulting services for the improvement and optimization of the risk management system to banks, insurance and leasing companies, asset management companies, non-governmental pension funds, enterprises and other financial market participants. In the process of cooperation an assistance is provided in the implementation of the risk management tasks planned by the Customer, and also a full analysis of the Customer’s business processes can be carried out in order to identify existing problems as well as a set of measures can be developed in order to tackle these problems.

IBI-Rating also provides services of analysis of counterparties, potential borrowers, debtors, etc. Within the scope of this service an in-depth analysis of a company’s creditworthiness is performed, and the output information is provided in a form, which is consistent with the Customer’s internal normative documents. This service will allow to reduce significantly current expenses while keeping the ability of fast decision-making on the advisability of implementation of particular operations.