Viktor Shulyk has told whether to invest or not money in gold

Since 2000, gold has risen in price for 11 years. Investments in this asset at that time looked very attractive. Investors could earn on the rising price of the metal, and on the percentage of deposits in gold. In Ukrainian banks, they ranged from 1-5% per annum. In early September 2011, the cost of the precious metal reached a historic maximum about $ 1,900 per troy ounce - and then collapsed. Since those times, it has been fluctuating in the corridor from $ 1,050 to $ 1,350. Viktor Shulyk, Director of the research department of IBI-Rating agency, has told for portal «Minfin» what awaits the global gold market and how it is more profitable for Ukrainians to invest in this precious metal.Find out details under the link: .

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