Oleksii Amfiteatru has commented on the feasibility of implementing localization requirements in state procurement

On June 24, the Verkhovna Rada registered draft of a bill No. 3739 on establishing localization requirements for state procurement of a mechanical product. If adopted, products that are fully or partially produced in Ukraine will have an advantage in public procurement. So, in order to participate in tenders in the future, foreign manufacturers will be «forced» to create production capacities in Ukraine, or in cooperation with domestic companies. According to the authors, the adoption of the document will contribute to the growth of GDP by 3.9 percentage points per 3-5 years, the creation of 62.5 thousand positions of employment, the growth of tax payments by 8%.

Oleksii Amfiteatru director of IBI-Rating agency has commented about the nuances of the initiative for the GMK Center. Is it possible to achieve the desired effect of localization find out by link: https://gmk.center/posts/operaciya-lokalizaciya-est-li-u-strany-shansy-pomoch-mashinostroitelyam/

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