The updated investment passport of Odesa city is published

According to the UN researches, since 2008, half of the inhabitants of the Earth live in cities. Municipalities are forced to engage in fierce competition for additional resources. Wins the one who finds his place in a new world. The Investment passport is the instrument that allows to inform the business community about the potential of the territory and the readiness of the city to implement new projects and cooperate. Many foreign municipalities and regions have and use this instrument for a long time, Odesa is among them.

First time the Investment passport of Odesa was developed in 2016. Since then, the information has been updated on the annual basis, now the document is created in accordance with the recent trends in European design, interactive links are added. The Investment passport contains information about: competitive advantages and strategies of the city development, tourist, labor, natural and geographical potential, territorial structure, industry, transport infrastructure, investment policy, ecology and other data necessary for business. If prospective investors want to receive more detailed information about a specific field, they can easily use interactive links and QR-codes. Through to infographics such information is easily perceived. Thus, the potential investors will be able in 15 minutes to make an overview of the city potential. The brochure is written in Ukrainian and English and is targeted at Ukrainian and foreign investors. Now the document is publicly available on the sites of the Odesa City Council, the Odesa 5T agency and the rating agency IBI-Rating.

As noted, a Deputy Mayor, the Director of the Department of Finance of the Odesa City Council, Svetlana Bedrega: «Odesa continues to prove the status of an attractive city for doing business. In 2018, the investment attractiveness rating of the city has affirmed at invA+ grade (high investment attractiveness). In the city, investors can rely on simple and understandable rules for launching and implementing business projects, a variety of distribution channels, as well as an increasing consumer demand». Svetlana Bedrega emphasized that any investor will find all necessary resources and opportunities to localize business in Odesa.

«The city has a wide range of competitive advantages due to the fact that Odesa is a metropolis and the center of a large agglomeration, the port city» - said Dmytro Zadesenets, director of the municipal department of the rating agency IBI-Rating. - «This is the city with developed transport, social, information infrastructures, well qualified labor resources and significant airs of distributions».

Let us remind you, that annually the city hosts the International Investment Forum Odesa 5T. The event gathers about 500 participants, including authoritative politicians, world and domestic business leaders, heads of investment corporations, financial institutions and international organizations. This year, Forum Odesa 5T will be conducted in early October.

Investment passport of Odesa city

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