Investment passport of Odessa city 2017

In many economic and social indicators, the city of Odessa takes leading positions compared with other cities of Ukraine. In order to achieve such results, the city authorities for many years conducted systematic work to improve the investment attractiveness of the city and the conditions of doing business in it. Among other mechanisms for attracting capital, the city actively uses such tools of communication with the business environment as a credit rating and investment attractiveness rating. The investment passport of Odessa city was also developed. The development of the passport was handled by the agency IBI-Rating. The first version of the investment passport was developed and presented a year ago, and in this year the document was updated. The renewal of the passport is primarily due to the emergence of new production capacity and improvement of work with investors over the past year. All these changes had to be reflected in the document.

In fact, the investment passport is a guide for the investor, which describes in details the economic indicators, level of social development, infrastructure, natural and geographical characteristics, as well as information on tourism potential and budget opportunities. The document was issued in a pamphlet format. The text-graphic form of the passport contains information that may be of interest to potential investors, including projects proposed to investors for implementation.

It is also important that the investment passport is accessible in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English, and it is aimed at attracting both domestic and foreign investments.

The investment passport is available on the website of the agency IBI-Rating.

Інвестиційний паспорт міста Одеси 2017 (українська мова) Investment Passport of Odessa city 2017 (english version) Инвестиционный паспорт города Одессы 2017 (русский язык)

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