Invest passport of Ternopil city

While some regions only think how to attract investors to their cities, Ternopil implements active measures that, include public awareness of the business community with the investment potential of the city. One of them is the development of an investment passport of the city. For the second time the IBI-Rating Agency has prepared a unique informative bulletin that will allow a potential investor to obtain complete and reliable information about the economic potential of Ternopil, to learn more about the features of its economic and social development, investment and tourism potential, find out useful information about the ecological state and City infrastructure.

The Drector of the municipal department of IBI-Rating Dmitriy Zadesenec noted: "This document will enable potential investors to objectively assess the attractiveness of the investment climate and will contribute to improving the business image and further development of the economy of Ternopil. The credit rating of Ternopil city determined by IBI-Rating have been supported by the agency since 2012. This allow external users to receive an independent assessment of the socio-economic and budget development of Ternopil. "

It is also important that the investment passport is produced in two languages: Ukrainian and English, and it is aimed at attracting both domestic and foreign investments.

More information about the investment passport can be found on the website of the IBI-Rating Agency, or on the official site of Ternopil city.

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Інвестиційний паспорт міста Тернопіль 2017 (українська мова) Investment Passport of Ternopil city 2017 (english version)