Rating of reliability of residential complexes

An opinion of IBI-Rating with respect to the reliability of a particular construction object as compared to the others, which is based on a comprehensive analytical research.

The grade of rating of construction reliability is determined in accordance with the Methodology for determining ratings of reliability of residential complexes by the Rating scale of reliability of residential complexes. The Methodology was developed by IBI-Rating Rating Agency and was agreed with the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine. In the course of the development of the Methodology, suggestions and comments of the Ukrainian public organization ‘Association of assistance to affected investors’ were taken into account.

The Rating’s main objective is to provide prospective buyers of real estate with an independent benchmark for investors when choosing a certain project, which will sort out the construction projects of reliable developers from the ones showing signs of fraud.

Ratings of reliability of residential complexes, determined by IBI-Rating, are not a recommendation to invest into the construction of any particular object.
Methodology for determining ratings