Ukrzhilstroy Plus

EDRPOU code 32004850 Ukrzhilstroy Plus
"Ukrzhilstroy Plus" ltd. is a professional building company, which was based in 2003. During 5 years the company gathered experience and today it have a base, which helps the company to conclude any problems in organization and technological field of new buildings, their construction during all circle of work.

Rating history

The credit rating of bonds series A, 14,88 mln. UAH

Action Date Rating Outlook Watchlist Report
Withdrawn 08.06.2016 Withdrawn - - -
Affirmation 25.12.2015 uaCC Negative - Download PDF
Affirmation 07.04.2015 uaCCC Negative - Download PDF
Affirmation 02.09.2014 uaCCC Negative - Download PDF
Affirmation 11.03.2013 uaBB Negative - Download PDF
Affirmation 25.12.2012 uaBB Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation 11.09.2012 uaBB Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation 26.06.2012 uaBB Stable - Download PDF

Bond issue information

Issuer name Ukrzhilstroy Plus
Type of debt instrument Bonds
Type of bonds Zero-yield unsecured bonds
Series A
Issue status Outstanding
Nominal value 1.75 thousand uah
Amount 14.88 million uah
Placement period 01.12.2006 - 01.12.2007
Maturity period 01.01.2011 - 01.01.2016