EDRPOU code 36757850 Torgimport
TORG-IMPORT was founded in May 2011. The company is primarily engaged in import of high-quality goods from abroad including own-brand products.

TORG-IMPORT aims to deal only with immediate producers and importers establishing high requirements for organization of production and quality of incoming goods. At present the company offers water heaters, pumps, pumping stations, heating boilers, pipe fittings and many other products, besides that the company trades radiators both under the own brand "GOLTECH" and "RED HEAT" and under other well-known trademarks.

Due to close cooperation with many producers and importers we offer our goods at the best price. Moreover our clients receive solely quality equipment and after-sales service. We are glad to be of help to each client and in spite of the fact that the company primarily focuses on wholesale trade, we have advantageous offers for retail purchasers as well.

Rating history

The credit rating of bonds series A, 190 million UAH

Action Date Rating Outlook Watchlist Report
Withdrawn 11.05.2016 Withdrawn - - -
Suspension 24.02.2016 Suspended - - -
Affirmation 24.02.2016 uaCC Negative - -
Affirmation 29.12.2015 uaB Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation 25.06.2015 uaB Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation 27.11.2014 uaB Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation 31.07.2014 uaB Stable - Download PDF
Assignment 13.12.2013 uaB Stable - Download PDF

Bond issue information

Issuer name Torgimport
Type of debt instrument Bonds
Type of bonds Zero-coupon unsecured bonds
Series A
Issue status Outstanding
Nominal value 1 thousand uah
Amount 190 million uah
Placement period 17.03.2014 - 30.09.2014
Maturity period 01.01.2021 - 31.03.2021