EDRPOU code 09620081 SKY BANK
JOINT STOCK COMPANY "SKY BANK" is one of the first commercial banks in Eastern Ukraine, which was founded on February 8, 1991 in the form of a limited liability company with the name Regional Commercial Bank "Region-Bank".

The banking institution belongs to a group of banks with private capital - since November 2016 the physical person Babayev Arif (Kazakhstan), who owns 99.44% of the capital, acts as the main shareholder. JSC "SKY BANK" cooperates with clients of various branches of the economy, while the priority direction of cooperation is the comprehensive servicing of clients of legal entities and entrepreneurs with the use of modern banking technological solutions.

Rating history

The credit rating of SKY BANK

Action Date Rating Outlook Watchlist Report
Affirmation 31.05.2022 uaAA- Negative + Download PDF
Affirmation with the change forecast 18.03.2022 uaAA- Negative + -
Upgrade with the change forecast 19.11.2021 uaAA- Stable - Download PDF
Upgrade 25.06.2021 uaA+ Evolving - Download PDF
Affirmation 25.02.2021 uaA Evolving - Download PDF
Upgrade 28.08.2020 uaA Evolving - Download PDF
Affirmation 20.03.2020 uaA- Evolving - Download PDF
Affirmation 27.09.2019 uaA- Evolving - Download PDF
Affirmation 14.03.2019 uaA- Evolving - Download PDF
Affirmation 20.09.2018 uaA- Evolving - Download PDF
Assignment 04.05.2018 uaA- Evolving - Download PDF