BHK "Merkurij"

EDRPOU code 03391260 BHK "Merkurij"
Brovary house-building factory Mercury - one of the leading participants in the construction market Brovary, Kyiv region. The plant has significant experience in the construction industry - for the period activity produced 830 thousand cubic meters.. m of precast concrete and concrete products, was put into operation 815 thousand sq. m. meters of housing.

Rating history

The credit rating of bonds series AA, 5 million UAH

Action Date Rating Outlook Watchlist Report
Withdrawn 23.12.2015 Withdrawn - - -
Affirmation 30.04.2015 uaCC Negative - Download PDF
Affirmation 22.05.2014 uaCC Negative - -
Affirmation 22.11.2013 uaBB- Negative - -
Affirmation 05.11.2013 uaBBB- Negative - Download PDF
Assignment 25.12.2012 uaBBB- Stable - Download PDF

Bond issue information

Issuer name BHK "Merkurij"
Type of debt instrument Bonds
Type of bonds Zero-yield secured bonds
Guarantor LLC Azov-Black Sea Mortgage Company
Series AA
Issue status Outstanding
Nominal value 50 uah
Amount 5 million uah
Placement period 01.06.2013 - 31.05.2014
Maturity period 01.12.2015 - 31.05.2016