Ukrainian Association of Investment Business (UAIB)

Ukrainian Association of Investment Business (UAIB)
Ukrainian Association of Investment Business (UAIB) is a representative organisation for all asset management companies registered in Ukraine. This also means that UAIB unites and represents all investment funds founded as collective investment institutions (CII) under the Law On CII as well as the assets of Ukrainian non-state pension funds and insurance companies being under management.

UAIB is a non-state, non-profit, self-regulatory organisation founded on the principles of equality of rights, free will expression and community of its members' interests. Established in April 1995, UAIB is one of the oldest and most influential professional organisations of the stock market of Ukraine.

In October 1997, the National (former - "State") Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC) granted to UAIB the status of a self-regulatory organisation. In June 2002, the Association got the status of a securities market SRO (self-regulatory organisation) that unites asset management companies.

As for today, UAIB is the only self-regulatory non-state organisation in Ukraine which is exercising the function of pre-licencing preparation of market participants (asset managing companies) that intend to obtain the NSSMC license for carrying out professional activity.

The purposes of the foundation and activities of the UAIB shall be:
  • Maintaining high professional level of the activities of securities market participants.
  • Representation of the member-companies of the self-regulatory organisation and protection of their professional interests.
  • Professional training and further training for the specialists of the member-companies.
  • Keeping its member-companies informed of the securities legislation and changes made thereto.
  • Developing and overseeing compliance with the norms and rules of conduct, regulation, rules of exercising securities transactions, requirements to the professional qualifications of the specialists of the member-companies and other documents stipulated by the current legislation. Implementing efficient mechanisms for resolution of disputes among the member-companies and their clients.
  • Developing and introducing measures for protection of the clients of the member-companies and other investors, as well as for observance of ethical norms and rules of conduct by the member-companies in their relations with clients Improving the regulatory framework of the securities market.
  • Assisting with organisation of financial monitoring by member-companies in the area of preventing and counteracting legalization of criminal proceeds and financing of terrorism.