History of the rating agency

ІBI-Rating was founded on 07 February 2005. Over the five years of its operation as an independent rating agency, before obtaininig the status of an authorized agency in 2010, ІBI-Rating had accumulated an extensive client portfolio in the segment of optional rating. In addition, analytical research and legislative initiatives have always been and still remain an important area of the agency’s activities.

The participation in the competition for the status of an authorized rating agency became for IBI-Rating an important stage of the formation and transition to a new development level. According to the Decision of the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market of 12 April 2010 IBI-Rating received the Certificate of entry N 3 in the State Register of the Authorized Rating Agencies. The status of an authorized agency strengthened the five-year qualitative operation of IBI-Rating, and also allowed it to determine the credit ratings used by the state for regulatory purposes.

For today, IBI-Rating holds leading positions in the rating services market, being the company, which is developing most dynamically. The Agency has assigned and maintained about 200 ratings. Clients of the agency represent all sectors of the economy, i.e. corporate, financial and municipal sectors. The activity in the segment of the optional rating is being built up: bank deposit reliability ratings, investment attractiveness ratings, financial strength ratings are determined. Moreover, IBI-Rating has been actively involved in many processes taking place in the financial market of Ukraine. In particular, it has acted as an organizer of round tables, press conferences, and it also studies the legislative activity of regulators.