Viktor Shulyk has told about the prospects of Ukraine's economy in 2021

2020 became the worst for the Ukrainian economy after the tragic 2015 due to the coronavirus pandemic and the crisis provoked by it. According to preliminary estimates of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture, the fall in Ukraine's GDP in 2020 expected to reach 5%. In the context of the history of independent Ukraine, the expected figure is not an anti-record. Thus, in 2015 the country's economy fell by 9.9%, in 2009, when the wave of the global economic crisis hit us — by 15%, and the most failed was 1994 when the country's GDP collapsed by almost 23%.

Viktor Shulyk, Program Management Office Director of the IBI-Rating agency, has told for the «FOCUS» magazine what economic growth is expected in 2021. What will happen to the industry and where the hryvnia exchange rate goes, find out in the article by the link

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