What benefits get the Ukrainian economy from the Association Agreement with the EU

One of the main goals of the Association Agreement with the EU is removing of trade barriers. According to the agreements, Ukraine should remove all restrictions for the EU in seven years after the launch of the free trade zone, that is, by 2023, and the European Union, in turn, will remove the restrictions in 10 years, by 2026. The individual condition applies to the supply of cars to Ukraine: import duties on European cars will be eliminated in 15 years, by 2031.

Viktor Shulyk, Program management office director of the IBI-Rating agency, has told for the Focus magazine what benefits the Association Agreement with the European Union has already brought to the Ukrainian economy. Will Ukraine be able to send more goods to the EU next year and what Ukrainian business is dissatisfied with, read this information in the article by the link: https://focus.ua/economics/464275-soglashenije-ob-assotsiatsii-ekonomika-ukrainy-eksport

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