IBI-Rating has suspended the credit rating of «INDUSTRIAL FINANCIAL BANK» PJSC due to the reorganization of the institution (revocation of the banking license without termination of the legal entity)

Rating agency IBI-Rating informs on suspension of the credit rating of «INDUSTRIAL FINANCIAL BANK» PJSC in connection with the voluntary termination of the establishment of banking activities without termination of the legal entity. The rating of the reliability of bank deposits is withdrawn.

The decision to withdrawal of the banking license of «IFB» PJSC (No. 829-рш) was made by the National Bank of Ukraine on December 26, 2017 after the full fulfilment of «IFB» PJSC obligations to depositors.

According to the information which is available to the Rating agency, a legal entity has been re-registered in PJSC FC «IFB CREDIT», and in the future its main activities will be the provision of financial services (factoring operations, leasing, lending).

For reference: In September 11, 2017 long-term credit rating of «IFB» PJSC was affirmedb by the Rating agency IBI-Rating at the level of «uaA-» with a changing of the outlook from «stable» to «in development». The changing of the outlook is due to the expected restructuring of the Banking institution under the simplified procedure in accordance with the Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 48 (dated 08.06.2017) and Law of Ukraine No. 1985-VIII (dated 23.03.2017). This decision should be adopted by the General Meeting of Shareholders of «IFB» PJSC on September 15, 2017. At the same time, according to the interim financial statements, the Bank has high liquidity and capitalization indicators, which allows it to pay off depositors and other customers without attracting additional financing.

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