IBI-Rating has affirmed the rating of construction reliability of RC «Duet» (line II)

Rating agency IBI-Rating informs on affirming of the construction reliability rating of RC «Duet» (line II) in Kharkiv city at 5+ grade (excellent reliability).

The project developer, «Zhilstroy-2» ALC, has over 75-year experience in implementing construction projects and transferring premises in the newly constructed objects by repaying target bonds. The company has its own construction capacities, which provide an almost complete construction cycle.

Construction of the second stage of RC «Duet» started in the Q2 of 2016. In December 2018 the house was put into operation.

The real estate in the RC «Duet» is sold through target bonds of the Issuer «Zhilstroy-2» ALC. The circulation of the housing bonds is regulated at the legislative level and is controlled by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission. The credit rating of bonds has affirmed at uaBBB grade, the outlook is «stable».

Prices for the real estate in this residential complex correspond to the prices formed in the market for this type of real estate taking into account the location of the construction object.

The construction of RC «Duet» is being carried out in an environmentally clean district of Oleksiivka in Kharkiv city. Nearby there are kindergartens and schools, modern stadium, supermarkets, market, sports and entertainment club, various shops and salons, Oleksiivskyi Hydropark. The district has a well-developed infrastructure, next to the residential complex there is a metro station «Oleksiivska». The district is connected by convenient transport highways with all districts of the city.

Rating of construction reliability
is an opinion of the Rating Agency as to the Developer’s capability to fulfill its obligations on the construction project to real estate buyers relative to other projects, expressed on the basis of findings of comprehensive analytical research. For more detailed information on ratings of construction reliability please the site of IBI-Rating, as well as the site of «Zhilstroy-2» ALC.

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