EDRPOU code 33976979 SK-Agro
LLC "SK-Agro" is agricultural enterprise that specializes in growing grains and oilseeds and seed. Today LLC "SK-Agro" hosts not one, but several settlements - to the base of the unit at Kalinin dobavylysya chapters in Sayah and Rusanovka processed as in land Panasivtsi, Moscow, Berestivtsi. Total of "SK-Agro" processed 13.6 thousand. Ha in Sumy and Chernihiv regions, including 1 thousand. Ha - for growing seed. LLC "SK-Agro" is a AGROTRADE vertically integrated group of companies completed the agricultural cycle, providing the company a number of advantages - namely, the guaranteed availability of space for storage on certified grain elevators groups the opportunity to sell its products directly to the exporter, established sales channels seeds .

Rating history

The credit rating of bonds series C, 250 mln. UAH

Action Date Rating Outlook Watchlist Report
Affirmation 27.06.2018 uaBBB+ Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation 29.12.2017 uaBBB+ Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation 27.06.2017 uaBBB+ Stable - Download PDF
Assignment 29.12.2016 uaBBB+ Stable - Download PDF

Bond issue information

Issuer name SK-Agro
Number of certificate 27/2/2016
Type of debt instrument Bonds
Type of bonds Coupon secured bonds
Guarantor AGT Capital Management Limited
Series C
ISIN UA4000192785
Issue status Outstanding
Nominal value 1 thousand uah
Amount 250 million uah
Сoupon rate 13.50%
Placement period 19.02.2016 - 19.01.2017
Maturity period 15.02.2019 - 20.02.2019