Bank Forward, PJSC

EDRPOU code 34186061 Bank Forward, PJSC

Bank Forward - Ukrainian commercial bank, the main focus of activity of which is aimed at the private customer service. Forward Bank pays special attention to the segments of consumer credit, card products and attractive deposit offers for the population of Ukraine. The emphasis of the bank placed on innovative products and services of the European level as well as the introduction of a new approach to service quality.

The Bank is a member of the Guarantee Fund deposits and is part of a group of medium-sized banks, according to the classification of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Forward Bank is the legal successor of Russian Standard Bank (Ukraine).

Rating history

The credit rating of the PJSC Bank "Forward"

Action Date Rating Outlook Watchlist Report
Suspension 29.03.2018 Suspended - - -
Affirmation 22.09.2017 uaA- Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation 29.03.2017 uaA- Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation 30.09.2016 uaA- Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation with the change forecast 29.03.2016 uaA- Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation 30.09.2015 uaA- Evolving - -
Affirmation 26.03.2015 uaA- Evolving - -
Affirmation 02.09.2014 uaA- Evolving - -
Affirmation 26.03.2014 uaA- Evolving - -
Affirmation 16.09.2013 uaA- Positive - -
Affirmation 26.03.2013 uaA- Positive - -
Affirmation 21.08.2012 uaA- Stable - -
Assignment 30.03.2012 uaA- Stable - -