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PJSC “Express-Bank” was registered by the National Bank of Ukraine in 1994. Starting from the middle of 2000 there started a new period in the history of Express-Bank. Development of joint-stock bank “Express-Bank” as a serious financial institution operating nationwide coincided in time with fundamental changes in the rail industry. It’s also remarkable that in 2000 the rail transport management was headed by Heorhiy Kirpa. There was developed an efficient system of industry management, harmonized its financial and economic system, which was based on the transparency of payments. Joint-stock bank “Express-Bank” is a substantial part of this system.

A crucial role in the Bank’ development was played by Transport Minister of Ukraine Heorhiy Kirpa, who supported the Bank and pushed forward the idea that Express-Bank should specialize in financial operations connected to the rail transport, and eventually to the entire transport industry. This allowed the Bank to shift gears in its development. In 2007 joint-stock bank “Express-Bank” was the first bank in Ukraine that started delivering services in the sphere of values’ transportation and encashment to the individuals.

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