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ASK "Omega" was launched in 1994. Today the company has a reputation as a reliable partner in the insurance market of Ukraine. Dynamic development, the company has formed a major customer base and professional team. Over 17 years ASK "Omega" provides insurance protection of clients throughout Ukraine, providing the speed and professionalism of customer service, timeliness of claims. Our company offers competitive insurance products, continuously updated insurance program, provides effective control for minimizing risk insurance customers.

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Affirmation 28.09.2017 uaBBB+ Evolving - Download PDF
Affirmation 31.03.2017 uaBBB+ Evolving - Download PDF
Affirmation 23.09.2016 uaBBB+ Evolving - Download PDF
Assignment 14.04.2016 uaBBB+ Evolving - Download PDF
Affirmation 13.04.2016 uaBBB+ Evolving - -
Affirmation with the change forecast 24.12.2015 uaBBB+ Evolving - -
Affirmation 30.06.2015 uaBBB+ Stable - -
Affirmation 30.12.2014 uaBBB+ Stable - -
Assignment 31.07.2014 uaBBB+ Stable - -