EDRPOU code 23073489 NAC “ISTA”
NAC “ISTA” is one of the largest starter batteries producers in Eastern Europe. It was also the first Ukrainian company to implement full cycle production.

The corporation can produce 5-5.5 mln batteries, which enables “ISTA” to be a leading battery producer. The high market share was achieved due to high quality standards that meet both Ukrainian and international demand. NAC “ISTA” is the only Ukrainian battery producer to receive international certificates for ecology of production ISO 14001:2004 and management quality ISO/TS 16949:2009

Rating history

Credit Rating of NAC “ISTA”

Action Date Rating Outlook Watchlist Report
Withdrawn 23.09.2016 Withdrawn - - -
Suspension 30.03.2016 Suspended - - -
Affirmation 12.03.2015 uaBBB- Negative + Download PDF
Affirmation 23.09.2014 uaBBB Negative - Download PDF
Affirmation 14.03.2014 uaBBB Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation 01.11.2013 uaBBB Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation 18.04.2013 uaBBB Stable - Download PDF
Affirmation 30.10.2012 uaBBB Stable - Download PDF
Assignment 18.04.2012 uaBBB Stable - Download PDF