Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group

EDRPOU code 05523398 Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group
Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group is the largest manufacturer of building materials in Ukraine and one of the leading developers. The company holds a number of powerful enterprises operating in various segments of construction industry and performing the full scope of work, ranging from extraction of raw materials and manufacture of building materials to construction of residential commercial and social-purpose properties.

This fast-growing organization is notable for implementing innovative programs, ideas and technologies in all construction processes. We have brought together a team of likeminded persons, highest-class specialists capable of implementing architectural solutions of any degree of complexity and professionally managing the entire project from development and approval of technical documentation to completion of construction and commissioning of a property.

Our Group’s engineering and technical personnel boasts huge experience and high qualification in engineering and construction spheres, which means that we can guarantee quality job done in strict compliance with all construction norms and regulations. Wide range of our enterprises’ capabilities and use of advanced technologies, sophisticated materials and unique production capacities enable us to offer individual approach to fulfillment of every order or project task.