Art Hall

Art Hall club house falls into the highest category of elite property in Kiev. Having elite residence in Art Hall club house automatically demonstrates belonging to an exclusive club of true elite property judges. And what can be better than being a part of exclusive club of elite apartments’ owners? Elite property in Art Hall club house is created especially for those, who have high requirements to the quality of living.

There is everything for ensuring a well-being of your family here: convenient location in the city center, developed infrastructure, perfect transport accessibility, worthy environment, spacious apartments and great views from the window.

Club House - is a way of living for you to declare individuality. It’s a territory of your small private world, where everything follows your rules. You may become a happy proprietor of elite property in Kiev, an absolute owner of an apartment in Art Hall club house by contacting the sales office in Kiev, at 11 Chekhovsky lane (corner of Vorovskogo street).

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Rating of the Art Hall reliability

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Withdrawn 08.09.2016 - -
Affirmation 26.05.2016 5+ -
Affirmation 16.03.2016 5+ Download PDF
Affirmation 19.11.2015 5+ Download PDF
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Affirmation 06.11.2014 5+ Download PDF
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Assignment 19.11.2013 5+ -