Zelena Dolyna Agrocomplex

EDRPOU code 32721857 Zelena Dolyna Agrocomplex
Zelena Dolyna AgroComplex represents TERRA FOOD Group agri business unit and is one of the largest agricultural producers in the south of Vynnytsya region, Ukraine. In 2001, Tomashpil sugar mill, currently a part of Zelena Dolyna, became one of the first assets of Stanislav Voytovych, TERRA FOOD founder and President.

On 28k ha of fertile land we grow grain, beans, oil and forage crops. We also breed pedigree cattle and pigs. Our key feature is a closed production cycle and guaranteed sale of principal products. Our key clients are TERRA FOOD Group milk and meat processing plants located nearby. Sugar beet grown by us is supplied directly to our own sugar mill. This is one of the best Ukraine’s enterprises which is proud to combine the up-to-date equipment and XIX century traditions. Grain is stored at a grain silo with capacity of 32k tons located near the railway station Zhuravlivka. There is also a feed milling plant there.

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